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To create an environment where employees can be optimally productive, first of all, furniture has to meet basic standards concerning ergonomics factors. Working in an office typically involves spending long hours of time sitting in an office chair. To avoid developing or compounding back problems, it’s important to have an office chair that’s ergonomic and that supports the lover back (lumber support) and promoted good posture.

Make sure that your work area is designed so that your eyes can comfortably see what they need to see, you can comfortably reach what you need, and your chair gives you an appropriate range of comfortable postures. You will find that different tasks require different postures. Adjust your chair and posture to accommodate multiple positions within a comfortable range rather than sitting in a single "correct" position. The following are some guidelines to evaluate proper chair adjustment and fit.


Where imagination is turned into reality, office panel is aimed to create the most ideal working environment, offering more features, increasing flexibility and using its versatile modularity to complement continuous improvement and changes required in today's corporate entity. Panel system reflects true individual style and design, with great combination of colors, materials, work-surface and accessories, a fully integrated office environment is created to complement the cross – functional needs at work place. It sets the ambience to promote productivity and enhances office communication through the open office concept.

Vertical panel surfaces divide the office floor in closed and open areas, provide acoustic and visual screening, or promote openness and transparency. Office and corridor walls create complete office units from floor to ceiling. Screen partitioning enables privacy and concentration while sitting and wall cladding, with its functional possibilities, expands the workplace, shapes and design walls.

The system is VERSATILE and is able to adapt to various design styles and spaces. The variety of different panel width /height and length, it creates the right office environment. The panel cavity acts as a spine to channel wires and it is ready for any technology change.



  • Zoning through mobile walls, cabinets and room-in-room systems
  • The space has an open, transparent effect which encourage high interaction between employees
  • High flexibility for the reproduction of different organizational structures and requirements of the employees through room-in-room systems and flexible movable walls
  • Central arrangement of discussion, technical and regeneration areas


High flexibility in case of changes in the organizational and communicational structure at slight reconstruction cost because change happens , Reusable components allows reconfiguration => Reduce disposal , Reduce production and Reduce purchase of new components


Spontaneous, intensive communication and agreement in the team which encourage the integration of members through open structure, strengthening of the “we” feeling. This is a critical success factor for organizational performance.


Open workstation /cluster with strong structure makes it possible to squeeze in more employees as there is no table legs are obstructing the person sitting at the desk.


The right space with right furniture can make a big difference for your business.

  • What types of activities need to be facilitated in an office?
  • What kind of office spaces best support collaborative work?
  • What kind of office spaces best support individual work?
  • What type of office space works best?

The very basic concept of choosing office furniture is not just about costs or “cool” design: it is also about productivity, culture, and flexibility and last but not least, the well-being and happiness of employees. As any office worker knows, seemingly simple design decision can have a large import on everyday working life and productivity. Not only does it affect your day-to-day operations and your staff morale, but also convey to visitors about the origination’s identity or brand image.


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